I started the initiative OmniScope in early 2019 as my attempt to understand whether there is a place for virtual reality and virtual worlds in science communication. Both — science communication and 3D worlds — are my life passions in addition to research.

We started to develop a couple of VR experiences to teach ourselves the technology, to understand the limitations and to experimentally determine what does and does not work.

In January 2020 we created an experience in a shared virtual show about Hayabusa2. Little did we know that just in a few months the pandemic will hit. Now, in the middle of 2020 when I write this “about” section I see the main objective of OmniScope to develop the pipeline for transferring the field trip and the planetarium-like experiences into the virtual worlds. The goal is to have meaningful social online events that would solicit science communication and enable STEM role modeling.

Sasha Kaurov, Ph.D.

Personal website: https://kaurov.org