Learn A Lot

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What is Learn A Lot?

Learn A Lot is an animated character that engages children ages 6-8 in explorations about music, math, and science. It encourages them to learn through conversational messaging, guest-artist videos, and virtual games. It is a cloud-based, free app, available for download in the apple store. The app is updated regularly with new adventures for your children weekly.


Learn A Lot’s educational philosophy is based on dialogic teaching, which has been proven to be a powerful tool for helping students to think, ask questions and understand concepts more effectively. By interacting with a virtual character through conversation, children have the opportunity to direct their own learning and construct meaning through simple communications, observation and listening.

About Us

Learn A Lot is a joint effort between TeachMe TV LLC and OmniScope LLC. OmniScope’s mission is to deploy responsible AI and virtual worlds for better education and science outreach. TeachMe TV is a web-based educational platform providing children with interactives, games, and videos that help children learn. Together, TeachMe TV and OmniScope are working to bring interactive, educational experiences in music, math, and science, to children everywhere through phones and tablets.