Outreach Lectures in virtual worlds and Virtual Reality

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We would like to collaborate with researchers from all disciplines on creating and promoting outreach lectures in virtual worlds.

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We are testing our platform and experimenting with lecture formats, therefore we are offering free shows.

Virtual Planetarium show about Hayabusa2 mission

In this experience you share the virtual space with the lecturer and other attendees. The topic is Haybausa2 mission (wikipedia) launched by JAXA in 2018 and scheduled to return later this year. The scope of the show covers the technical side of the mission and about more cultural aspects. Three different locations are used to emerge the visitors into the journey of the spacecraft from Earth to asteroid Ryugu and back to Earth.


We recreated a real space from Earth Life Science Institute (ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology). We start our lecture from this to get used to the VR.


Then, we jump into the fairy tale land and talk about story of Urashima Taro. The asteroid visited by Hayabusa2 spacecraft was named after the underwater palace from this story.


Finally, we move to the surface of the asteroid recreated from the real data. We explore its features and talk about the formation of this kind of objects in our Solar system.

If you encounter problems while exploring the environment, check out this FAQ.

We adopt Mozilla Hubs for giving remote outreach lectures, and develop custom environments and assets. Our plans include to further customize Hubs platform to implement some interactions that are not currently available.

For any kinds on inquiries and for signing up for beta testing: hello@omniscope.org