Supported devices

You can always check whether your device is supported by trying out the test room:

Laptops and desktops:

Almost any modern Mac or PC will work.

Mobile phones and tablets:

Almost any device will work. Use Safari browser on iOS devices.

VR headsets:

All PC headsets will work with Firefox Browser. Stand-alone headsets like Oculus Quest 1&2 will work with the built-in web browser. Oculus Go is not supported and the experience might not be smooth.

Inside the room

Entering the room

To enter the room follow the link you have been provided with in any browser.

You can try with this link https://hubs.mozilla.com/6mHDLwS/

You will be prompted to enter Nickname, to choose Avatar and your audio device. In a few seconds you should be in the room.

Tutorial Hubs.webm

How to navigate in the room on desktop

Navigate by clicking and dragging you mouse and arrow or WASD keys on the keyboard. Right mose button to teleport.

The top panel has buttons to mute yourself, draw with a pen and to take a picture.

To delete your drawing hold SPACE and point to the drawing.

Interact with objects by clicking on them.