Virus VR

While an awareness of viruses (e.g. seasonal flu, HIV, childhood vaccines) is established in the public, a deeper understanding of underlying biological processes is often lacking. The relative simplicity of viruses makes it possible to explain their molecular mechanics in lay terms to the general public. At the same time this simplicity causes a debate whether viruses can be considered as true life forms. Thus, a wide range of fundamental biological and philosophical concepts can be communicated to the public through the subject of viruses.

Puzzle game

First of all, Virus VR is a comfortable casual puzzle game. The objective of the game is to assemble the virus from the individual pieces (proteins).


The structure of the viruses are taken directly from the scientific databases. Thus, it gives a unique educational experience.

Perfect for VR

This kind of game is impossible to imagine on any other platform, including AR. It requires the movement of the body, and develops spatial intuition.

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