Scientific view on the world

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New way of presenting science

The challenge of science communication is to make cutting edge scientific concepts easy to grasp. We adopt new technology of Virtual and Augmented reality to help students quickly build spatial intuition about a concept, and then interactivity allows them to memorize and carry this knowledge through their life.

Making it accessible

Most rural areas in the United States and worldwide have limited access to high quality natural science museums and especially planetariums. By delivering same content using immersive and interactive Virtual Reality experiences we literary ship planetariums in the boxes to any community.

Distribution of the 360 screens (aka planetariums) across the globe.

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Our Projects in XR

Virus VR

While an awareness of viruses (e.g. seasonal flu, HIV, childhood vaccines) is established in the public, a deeper understanding of underlying biological processes is often lacking. However, the relative simplicity of viruses makes it possible to explain their molecular mechanics in lay terms to the general public. At the same time this simplicity causes a debate whether viruses can be considered as true life forms. Thus, a wide range of fundamental biological and philosophical concepts can be communicated to the public through the subject of viruses.

Outreach Leactures in VR

We experiment with planetarium-like experiences in virtual worlds.

Cosmic Run

"Cosmic Run" is Virtual Reality experience giving a unique opportunity to explore cosmos across scales.

in VR

... and in AR


Our Projects in other media

Whistling the gravitational waves