Responsible AI and virtual worlds for better education and science outreach.

At OmniScope, we strive to apply novel technologies to the educational and science sectors in the most meaningful and transformative ways.

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Current projects

Learn A Lot

Conversation-based curated learning environment.
Joint project with TeachMe TV.


Platform for immersive
multi-user experiences for performance arts and education.

New way of aggregating learning materials using AI to improve accessibility and democratize higher education.

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Sasha Alexander Kaurov

Founder of OmniScope

Hi! My background is in quantitative research in Astronomy & Astrophysics (PhD from the University of Chicago, and postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study) as well as Sociology (at Harvard University). Most of the analytical skills I have acquired in my professional career have come from using data-driven and computational methods to understanding and modeling complex phenomena.

Through OmniScope, I am applying my skills and novel technologies to address problems in science outreach and education. I have been fortunate to work with a lot of talented people on a variety of projects!

Please reach out to me via: Email --- Telegram --- LinkedIn --- Website

Completed projects

Outreach in virtual worlds

En Route
interactive adventure

OmniScope takes part in an experiment of simulating voting mechanics in an immersive online experience with an objective to allow the attendees to reflect on how they react on the choices of other participants in the presence of information asymmetry.

Interactive WEB installations

Studies and research

XR games and experiences

STEM XR is a collaborative workshop that brings together interdisciplinary teams of science communication, art and technology professionals to create experimental immersive shows in virtual worlds. OmniScope provides technical support.